How do we get stakeholders with
different interests to collaborate
to create more climate-resilient
Adapting to a changing climate in
any specific place requires collective action, but the costs
and benefits of taking action (or doing nothing) can be
distributed very unevenly. Local governments in particular
are operating under budget constraints. Public-private
partnerships offer an approach to blended finance
through collaboration.

The Public-Private Partnerships to Advance
Adaptation and Resilience workshop
related services help state and municipal government
representatives understand the nature, sources, and
importance of climate-related risk identification, allocation,
and management to local communities. It outlines how
PPPs offer a proven means of leveraging the knowledge,
talents, and capital of governments, private sector actors,
and citizens to adopt climate adaptation best practices for
projects that improve local resilience and sustainability.

Adaptation Leader offers a unique cross-cutting
of practical experience in building structured
Public-Private Partnerships and in-depth knowledge
of climate science, policy, and climate adaptation best
practices. Workshop participants will learn how to marshal
resources and relationships in PPPs to effectively strengthen
infrastructure and public sector finances while limiting direct
public sector outlays.

Workshop takeaways
• Advantages of PPPs relative to traditional procurements
• Insights into the context and structure of PPPs
• Key steps for a successfully implemented PPP and for
managing risk
• Benefits of “people first” PPPs, a new-generation
approach to PPPs that addresses the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs) and in which PPPs are
considered a development tool.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) are becoming increasingly important as an alternative financing vehicle for adaptation and resilience projects. They can help public sector leaders and managers overcome funding gaps and the resulting challenge of implementing climate change adaptation programs in parallel with continually evolving regulations and policies, often under significant staffing and budgetary constraints.

David Baxter
internationally recognized expertise in designing and building PPPs

Next Scheduled Workshop

September 29
11:00 am – 1:30 pm Eastern

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This multimedia workshop requires active participation in the live session and in pre- and post-workshop activities.

It is a complete program available for immediate use upon commitment by the participant. The goal is to convey information that can be translated into actionable plans as efficiently as possible.

The workshop package includes a 2 1/2 hour live session; a pre-event component (recommended background materials, a short exercise and a brief survey); and a post-workshop follow-up
component (involving continued online dialogue with all attendees on the Adaptation Leader collaboration platform).

Workshop attendees should expect to take quizzes, do role-playing, and contribute to case study discussions.