PPP Strategies to Advance Adaptation & Resilience


Using next generation People First PPP strategies to proactively mobilize adaptation planning of projects to make them more resilient. We believe that PPPs which are contractually agreed to between the public and private sector can only be resilient if risks are appropriately shared and private sector innovation is embraced. The leveraging of both partners resources if combined with adaptive objectives and goals will result in projects that are future proofed and resilient. This can only be achieved through strong partnerships and a focus on value for money, value for people, and value for the future PPPs are about sharing risks appropriately, this includes adverse climate effects and natural events commonly referred to as force majeure events.


What you’ll learn:

  • Understand the context and structure of PPP

  • Understand the challenges facing the implementation of PPP’s

  • Understand the limits of PPP in today’s context

  • Adopting adaptation solutions – Next Generation PPP

  • Share tested best practices to ensure success

  • Identify the key steps to a successfully integrated PPP

Other pain points/issues in the sector this workshop provides solutions for:

  • Future-proofing enterprises and people

  • Urgent need to reduce threats, vulnerability, and cost from impacts of increasing adverse weather events 

  • Savings through avoided impact costs: millions deployed to save hundreds of millions. 

  • Value for Money, Value for People, Value for the Future.

Who it’s for:

Decision makers and representatives from any of the following organizations:

  • Communities that host major local, regional employers

  • Major regional employers

  • Banks and financial institutions with roots in communities

  • Chambers of commerce

  • Business development organizations

  • Infrastructure companies


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