“What gets measured gets done.” The world isn’t preparing for future climate changes well enough and a part of the reason is there is insufficient mobilization of resources to support climate adaptation. This workshop offers a comprehensive overview of the issues, challenges, and approaches to more effectively selecting and deploying appropriate metrics.


What you’ll learn:

  • Purposes of adaptation metrics

  • Challenges and ways of understanding what matters

  • Can there be a “universal metric for adaptation”?

  • Alternative monitoring and evaluation approaches, metrics, and indices

  • How development and climate finance are different and need metrics

  • Challenges with comparing different types of adaptation measures

  • Scalability and micro to macro effects: adaptation projects, programs, and when policies don’t “add up” 

  • Thinking through adaptation metrics for your needs

Who it’s for:

  • Corporate reporting through Task Force for Climate Related Disclosure (TCFD), etc.

  • Investors wanting to know how their investments are exposed to the physical climate, and how they may be delivering adaptation results

  • Corporate strategic planners needing to use adaptation metrics for corporate risk assessment and strategic evaluation of investments

  • Government policymakers needing to evaluate adaptation projects, programs and policies

  • Monitoring and Evaluation experts needing to understand how to integrate adaptation results

  • All types of organizations that are exposed to physical climate changes, or involved in reducing climate impacts on their citizenry, community, assets, or projects.