Planning or implementing climate
adaptation without numbers is to fly
Without quantifying risks, uncertainties, impacts,
and costs, organizations cannot effectively prioritize
adaptation actions, protect assets, or deploy capital

The ASV workshop informs managers and planners in all
types of organizations how ASV can serve as a framework
and approach for determining which adaptation-related
capital investments preserve and create financial value.

The workshop is an application-focused
based on widely accepted financial analysis
concepts. It is led by Roland Mader, an expert in enterprise
valuation, risk analysis, natural resource management,
and strategic business development. The workshop is copresented
by Linus Adler, a strategic climate change and
adaptation expert with more than a decade of experience in
designing and co-developing tools, frameworks, and metrics
for implementing adaptation.

Workshop takeaways
• Why ASV is the most appropriate tool for analyzing climate risk
• The basics of ASV
• What tools and data are required to effectively conduct an ASV
• Case study: How ASV provides benefits to corporations, and how to use ASV results to develop strategic insights on investments, corporate operations, and competitive advantage
• For public sector participants, how ASV can be used to optimize delivery of public services and quantify nonfinancial benefits, including what tools to select.

Adaptation Strategy Valuation (ASV) is a powerful tool that supports investment decision-making, capital allocation strategies, and climate change adaptation planning. ASV equips decision makers to quantify potential climate-related losses as
well as to evaluate the financial benefits of alternative courses of action.

Roland Mader
Enterprise valuations, Risk analysis, Valuation of climate change adaptation, Natural resources and Strategic business development

Next Scheduled Workshop

October 13
11:00 am – 1:30 pm Eastern

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This multimedia workshop requires active participation in the live session and in pre- and post-workshop activities.

It is a complete program available for immediate use upon commitment by the participant. The goal is to convey information that can be translated into actionable plans as efficiently as possible.

The workshop package includes a 2 1/2 hour live session; a pre-event component (recommended background materials, a short exercise and a brief survey); and a post-workshop follow-up
component (involving continued online dialogue with all attendees on the Adaptation Leader collaboration platform).

Workshop attendees should expect to take quizzes, do role-playing, and contribute to case study discussions.