Climate disruption poses serious
challenges across all sectors.
It impacts
organizations’ ability to function reliably in meeting their
objectives through supply-chain disruptions, climate impacts
on property and operations, and delivery of service. From
forthcoming requirements for reporting business impacts
to integrating the latest data into corporate planning and
decision making, understanding organization-level climaterelated
risks and opportunities depends on emerging
methods for predicting future changes in climate and their
impacts along multiple dimensions.

The Foresight and Scenarios for Adaptation
Decisions workshop
offers an introduction to
scenario planning focusing on today’s and emerging
climate challenges. The workshop provides analysis that
considers climate scenarios and the political, social, and
economic factors that will shape likely societal responses.
The workshop is future-focused to help planners and
organizations anticipate opportunities as well as
control risks.

The workshop gives a clear overview of the emerging
and possible climate threats and possible adaptation
responses and their implications for organizations across all
sectors. Adaptation Leader applies well-established scenario
planning methods in combination with a sophisticated
understanding of climate science, implementation
approaches, and strategy valuation to develop insights that
can be translated to individual organizations and
are actionable.

Workshop takeaways
• How climate disruption impacts systems and organizations,
the forces shaping it, and strategies to address it
• Using scenarios to explore challenges and
opportunities for your organization and testing
alternative adaptation strategies

Scenario planning is a method for
evaluating potential, highly uncertain factors
or events that might impose significant
impacts on a business or other entity. This
technique has been widely used by large
corporations and public sector agencies. In
a climate change context, scenario planning
offers the ability to evaluate in depth the
potential effects (positive and negative)
of low (or uncertain) probability, high
consequence events and analyze
alternative response strategies.

Bill Russell
Corporate and community strategies and performance metrics

Next Scheduled Workshop

October 6
11:00 am – 1:30 pm Eastern

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This multimedia workshop requires active participation in the live session and in pre- and post-workshop activities.

It is a complete program available for immediate use upon commitment by the participant. The goal is to convey information that can be translated into actionable plans as efficiently as possible.

The workshop package includes a 2 1/2 hour live session; a pre-event component (recommended background materials, a short exercise and a brief survey); and a post-workshop follow-up
component (involving continued online dialogue with all attendees on the Adaptation Leader collaboration platform).

Workshop attendees should expect to take quizzes, do role-playing, and contribute to case study discussions.