Adapt or perish. How and why we must adapt to the accelerating threats of climate change. Learn the difference between climate mitigation and adaptation and how they intersect.


What you’ll learn:

  • Why climate adaptation is as important as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • The difference between adaptation and mitigation. 

  • Why adaptation actions are urgently needed in every country, jurisdiction and sector.

  • About adaptation actions for communities, businesses, supply chains, and the financial sector.

  • About climate policy and funding. 

  • Some of the complex and contentious issues involved in adapting to urgent, extreme and accelerating climate impacts. 

  • Why climate justice is important for everyone. 

  • How taking adaptation action is an investment.


Who it’s for:

  • Everyone who wants to know the difference between climate mitigation and climate adaptation and how they’re related.

  • Politicians and policy makers 

  • Natural resource managers

  • Businesses and NGOs

  • Communities facing climate threats

  • Financial managers and insurers

  • All types of organizations that are exposed to climate changes, or involved in reducing climate impacts on their citizenry, community, assets, or projects.