peter soyka

Environmental, social and governance (ES&G) investing now accounts for one-third of investable assets under professional management in the U.S. But are ES&G investors and analysts considering all relevant factors? In this commentary, Adaptation
Leader’s Peter Soyka suggests that the answer is “no.”

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TCFD: A Catalyst for Transformational Climate Adaptation?

karl schultz

TCFD recommendations seem to lack the specificity and enforcement mechanisms needed to induce broad scale changes in corporate disclosure. In this commentary, we suggest an increased emphasis on physical climate risk in disclosures, and further encouragement of strategy resilience through climate adaptation as precipitated by these same disclosures

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Even with new Biden GHG reduction goal, the US must step up its climate adaptation game

Deborah Glaser

With a new administration in place, there’s hope for measurable climate action. The Biden Administration has made insufficient strides in adaptation discussion and planning. If Biden wants the US to be an international climate leader aligned properly with the Paris Agreement, the US must take action to address the current and future impacts of climate change on our people, our homes, and our ecosystems. It’s simply not enough to focus on reducing GHG emissions.

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Factoring Climate Change Risk into Financial Valuation

roland mader

With climate impacts ever increasing in prevalence, modern business must adapt to the changing environment. The impacts are much further-reaching than just damages to core facilities; businesses must learn to respond to changes in the lives of all stakeholders: employees, consumers, suppliers, etc. Adaptation Strategy Valuation provides a methodology for anticipating fluctuations in company value caused by the very real impacts of climate, allowing businesses to think and act critically. Adapt now, prevent significant future damage costs.