Adaptation Leader announces new Workshop Series as organizations recognize the need for enhanced climate action

(Washington, DC/London, UK/Waterloo, ON/Boston, MA — August 24, 2021) —

Adaptation Leader LLC has developed a suite of six workshops spanning an array of climate adaptation issues. With extreme heat, wildfires, and flooding in the headlines – and the UN’s scientific body on climate change predicting more inevitable climatic disruptions, these workshops come at a critical juncture. “Businesses, governments, and communities are awakening to this climate threat, but without – as yet – a good understanding of even where to begin processing how they might adapt,” notes Adaptation Leader’s Karl Schultz.

The workshops offer organizations the fundamental background necessary to begin to address the challenge of climate adaptation and resilience. The workshops are now available to organizations on a private basis for their senior managers and internal teams and, beginning in September, they will be delivered online in public versions on an individual per seat basis. As Schultz explains, “We launched these comprehensive, detailed, engaging online workshops to rapidly escalate an organization’s orientation, so they can more confidently start taking steps to protect their assets and capitalize on new opportunities.”

The workshops are led by experts in the specific subject and draw upon the interdisciplinary expertise of the 20+ member Adaptation Leader team. Workshops include a four-part, four-hour “Adaptation 101” mini-course as an introduction to the field, and 2 ½ hour interactive workshops covering Adaptation Metrics, Foresight and Scenario Planning, Adaptation Strategy Valuation, Nature-based Solutions, and Resilient Public-Private Partnerships. “For each workshop, the package includes both pre-workshop materials and post-workshop activities convened on Adaptation Leader’s online collaboration platform,” explains Leila d’Heurle, Adaptation Leader’s workshops coordinator.

“For both the business and governmental communities, until now climate action has been largely limited to GHG reduction or mitigation,” suggests Ira Feldman, Adaptation Leader principal. “But the Paris Agreement called for equal attention to mitigation and adaptation. Most people are only now realizing that adaptation is going to be an important part of climate change strategies. These workshops are intended as a first step for those organizations recognizing that they need to up their adaptation game to adjust to the new normal.”

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