Adaptation Leader sets the Resilience Agenda


It’s a truism in business that you can’t just reduce expenses to be viable — there must be a strategy for innovative gain to achieve success. Ira Feldman makes the same point about Adaptation Leader, a newly-formed advisory firm: “The climate change discourse has been focused on mitigation. We need more attention on adaptation and resilience.” 

That’s the aim of Adaptation Leader which states its mission this way: “We believe that climate adaptation policy, planning, and implementation should receive at least as much attention, promotion, support, and funding as that dedicated to climate change mitigation.”

To deliver its services, Adaptation Leader has assembled a team of 20+ experts in the fields of disaster risk reduction, climate tech, and ESG as well as adaptation to climate change. Their goal is to bridge the information and actionable strategy gap between climate scientists and policymakers on the one hand, and business and organizational leaders on the other. The firm supplies methods, tools, and insights in specialty programs, such as “Resilient Public Private Partnerships,” developed by team member and PPP expert David Baxter. At a more basic level, the company provides a suite of “turnkey” workshops. In an “Adaptation 101” introduction, these events cover the fundamentals of such topics as adaptation metrics, foresight and scenario planning, strategy valuation, and PPPs.

In addition, Adaptation Leader adds a crucial missing element to the conversation: the stakeholder community. “We have created a platform to bring together stakeholders by convening dialogues,” explains Feldman. “The blind spot in the adaptation and resilience space has been a lack of stakeholder input.”

Feldman is clear about the company’s ambition: “We want Adaptation Leader to be the agenda setters in the AR space. We have the thought leadership for — excuse the cliché but it’s true — out-of-the-box thinking. We don’t go with the conventional wisdom.”