Even with new Biden GHG reduction goal, the US must step up its climate adaptation game

Right after the close of the Leaders Summit on Climate on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021, Adaptation Leader associate Deborah Glaser wrote a direct and impressive commentary addressing the Biden Administration on its lack of adaptation efforts in its climate action approach. Her commentary is available on LinkedIn and our website titled: Even with new Biden GHG reduction goal, the US must step up its climate adaptation game. Writing our blog post here to comment on its importance is fellow A-L associate, Charlene Draine.

Adaptation more than mitigation – we promote the language & practical actions to become resilient when risk events happen.

It’s critically important right now to protect our communities from the damaging effects of climate change we’ve failed to prevent through mitigation (GHG emission reduction) efforts alone. After four years of climate ignorance, we have to not only repledge ourselves to the abatement of this issue, but we have to protect our people. It’s more important now than ever to “…commit to developing a National Adaptation Strategy that moves beyond climate-proofing infrastructure to include managed retreat, …and human health and well-being protections.”

How can we help internalize the language of adaptation steps? So much of this issue resides in the lack of clarity amongst our federal officials arounds the terms “adaptation”, “resilience”, and “hazard mitigation”. Initiating conversations about these topics, complex as they may be, may widen ideas (and employment opportunities) and perspectives on the future of our communities, and that’s sustainable!