Investors Neglect Climate Adaptation at Their (and Our) Peril

Peter Soyka has just published the first of Adaptation Leader’s commentaries on climate action and emerging issues on titled: The ES&G Bandwagon Must Embrace the Adaptation Side of Climate Action

Environmental, social and governance (ES&G) investing has grown by leaps and bounds in recent
years, and now accounts for one-third of investable assets under professional management in the U.S.
But are ES&G investors and analysts considering all relevant factors? In this commentary, Adaptation
Leader’s Peter Soyka suggests that the answer is “no.” He maintains that the climate is changing
rapidly, and professional investors must now consider how and to what extent public corporations are
adapting in the here and now. This means actively planning and executing steps to improve the
resilience of their facilities and operations, as well as that of their host communities. In his view,
climate adaptation is now a core business activity, and investors must ensure that corporate leaders
have it at the top of their agenda.