Adaptation Metrics: The

Path Forward

a pre-COP webinar with co-host IPAM — International Platform on Adaptation Metrics

Adaptation Metrics Webinar Video Recording available here.

Tuesday, 26 October 2021

1:30pm BST (London/Rabat); 8:30am (Eastern US)

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Adapting to climate change has risen to ever greater prominence as a challenge for communities, businesses and local governments, financial institutions, and the international climate policy community

  • What counts as adaptation, what resources need to be mobilized, and how to measure successful adaptation all need to be better addressed to meet the Paris Agreement’s Global Goal on Adaptation.
  • In the run-up to COP-26, this session will address, through a series of expert presentations and a panel discussion, the use of adaptation metrics in national adaptation systems, in adaptation finance, and in resilience-based projects.
  • Understanding what adaptation metrics need to be deployed in these different contexts is one of the greatest of these challenges, and, at present, there is limited consensus on a path forward.
  • The participants will explore current use of metrics and prospective advances in the field to facilitate solutions to the challenge of climate adaptation.

Featured presenters and panelists:

Mikaela Rambali
Policy Analyst, OECD

Driss Ouazar
Vice-chair, African Scientific Research and Innovation Council (ASRIC) & Chair, IPAM Water Committee

Godefroy Grosjean
Asia Regional Leader, Bioversity & International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

Joumana M. Asso
Managing Director, Clima Capital Partners

Linus Adler
Technical Director, Higher Ground Foundation & Associate, Adaptation Leader

Karl Schultz
Chair, Steering Committee, IPAM; Principal, Adaptation Leader & Chair, The Higher Ground Foundation

— Other presenters TBA —


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Agenda (as of 18 October)

Adaptation Metrics Challenges: A pre-COP 26 dialogue on issues and opportunities

I.Webinar opening, welcome and outline

Ira Feldman, Principal, Adaptation Leader LLC

II.Keynote: Adaptation metrics challenges and IPAM’s response to the challenges

Professor Driss Ouazar, Vice-chair, African Scientific Research and Innovation Council (ASRIC), Chair, IPAM Water Committee

III.Metrics for different contexts: expert perspectives

  • National Adaptation Systems and Communications: Mikaela Rambali, OECD
  • Finance: Joumana M. Asso, Managing Director, Clima Capital Partners
  • Mapping, evaluating, and developing metrics throughout context: IPAM’s perspectives and approach

IV.Testing and integrating metrics systems

  • Sustainable finance for climate adapted food systems (SusFinCAF): Godefroy Grosjean – CIAT
  • Metrics for Integrated Systems and Contexts: Cote d’Ivoire climate Vulnerability Reduction Credit feasibility and pilot design: Linus Adler, Technical Director, Higher Ground Foundation, Associate, Adaptation Leader

V.Panel Discussion

Key questions related to tensions, context versus aggregability, different needs for different metrics users, etc.

Moderator: Karl Schultz, Chair, Steering Committee, IPAM; Principal, Adaptation Leader, Chair, The Higher Ground Foundation
All speakers on panel

VI.Wrap Up

Ira Feldman

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